Drug dealer caught with heroin and stun gun jailed for 52 months


A Fife drug dealer has been jailed for more than four years after heroin worth £15,000 was found in his possession.

During an initial raid on the Buckhaven home of Ronald McAllister a stun gun was found.

Ronald McAllister (36), currently a prisoner at Perth, admitted that on 4th July last year at West High Street, Buckhaven, he was in possession of a stun gun.

He also admitted that between 9th and 22nd March at Den Walk, Buckhaven and Wellesley Road, Methil, he was concerned in the supply of diamorphine.

McAllister further admitted that on 22nd March in Wellesley Road, Methil, he was in charge of a car when he was unfit to drive through drink or drugs.

In the first case, police acting on information obtained and executed a search warrant and found a stun gun.

McAllister told them he had found it in the street two days earlier and had been too busy since to hand it in to the police. Tests found it was in good working order.

In March, as a result of further intelligence, police searched a property in Den Walk and McAllister’s car which was parked outside, finding 115 grams of heroin.

Later that month, a member of the public saw McAllister slumped over the wheel of a car with the engine running in Wellesley Road.

He was unable to wake him up and called the police. When officers arrived they knocked on the car window but McAllister appeared to be unconscious. He was found to be in possession of 36 grams of heroin.

The potential combined street value of the heroin found in McAllister’s possession was £15,000.

Defence solicitor Joe Mooney said, “He found the Taser in summer 2016. He decided to lift it and take it home. He said he was too busy to go to the police station.”

Sheriff Craig McSherry was unimpressed, saying, “He’s involved in the supply of drugs. He’s a drug dealer and it’s not unknown for drug dealers to arm themselves.”

Sheriff McSherry sentenced McAllister to four years and four months in jail.

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