Dangerous paedophile who moved to Fife is jailed

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3 Responses

  1. Wanda says:

    Ruin his life. …. That would be Justice!!

    Can’t rehabilitate a paedophile

  2. Leann says:

    What an absolute moronic monster, how dare we ruin your Life!!!! Are you for real you vile piece of crap!! You don’t deserve a life, your no more than an oxygen thief!! I pray your life continues to be ruined and in the most heinous ways possible. You have ruined the life’s of vulnerable children when they had no choice but to succumb to your sordid and sick needs. Karma….the rest of the world does have a choice and that choice now is to make your life a misery..disgusting piece of sh**!!!!😡😡

  3. kelly baird says:

    U are a Rapist and a repeat offender who should never be granted bail and if u get a beating in the jail well thats Karma for the sick vile shit u have done to young children ur life was ruined the min u became that evil paedophile where do u get off even thinking you should walk the streets men like u should be hung thats where death penalty should be brought back as a victim of rape myself I strongly believe u should be locked up and key fling away or for ur life to end as that’s the only life u deserve shouldn’t be here should be back in Ireland serving out his sentence seen as thought was ok to run from the law the justice system sucks big time as guy who raped me shud hav hot life got out done it to another was already a repeat offender and is walking streets again these people shud hav their manhood removed or sentenced to death for the sick vile crimes and ruined lifes these lowlife scum cause how could u grant him bail seriously so so wrong 👎😈😈

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