Driver seen staggering about had “taken too much medication”


A Dunfermline man and his girlfriend were seen holding each other up in the street before he got into his car and drove away.

The daytime incident led to a court appearance for John Wodecki (36), of Glen Bridge Court.

He admitted that on 3rd December in Bruce Street, Chalmers Street and elsewhere in Dunfermline, he drove a car while unfit to do so through drink or drugs.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said, “The accused and a female were seen standing in the middle of the road. He did not move out of the way of vehicles and was staggering about. Both of them were holding each other up.

“Subsequently, the accused was seen walking towards a car parked in the car park then drove out into Chalmers Street. Police were contacted over concerns about his ability to drive. CCTV operators were asked to look out for him.”

At 2.15pm Wodecki was again seen walking towards his parked car. He dropped his keys before getting into the vehicle and driving into Bruce Street.

He was stopped at the top of Bruce Street where he was intercepted by police and prevented from driving away.

He told officers he had not consumed alcohol but had taken prescribed medication two hours before.

Defence solicitor Jonathan Mathieson-Dear was his client taking drugs including diazepam on prescription.

“He was struggling to sleep and had taken more of his medication than normal.

“His girlfriend had been drinking and was intoxicated. We heard they were holding each other up. I’ve seen the CCTV and that was the case.

“He has two analogous convictions and realises he’s in a perilous position.”

Sheriff Chris Shead imposed a community payback order with 18 months of supervision and disqualified Wodecki from driving for two years.

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