Bungling shop robber caught after scarf slipped


A North Queensferry man, who broke into a local shop and stole money and cigarettes, has avoided a jail sentence.

Bungling robber Lewis Davies (26), formerly of Brock Street, sneaked out of his mother’s home in the early hours of the morning.

The drug addict then smashed the window of a newsagent’s shop, clambered inside and stole £600 worth of cigarettes and cash from the till.

He was easily identified from CCTV when a scarf used to cover his face fell off.

Davies, now of James Bank Hostel, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on 22nd or 23rd August he broke into commercial premises occupied by Wrights licenced grocers, Brock Street, North Queensferry, and stole a quantity of cigarettes and money.

The court was told there was no recovery of the stolen goods.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said Davies’ mum heard a “loud bang from the veranda” and asked what the noise was.

“He told her it was cats fighting but she was aware he left the house that way,” added the depute.

Davies was captured on CCTV, breaking the shop window, climbing inside, smashing the till open and helping himself to 1800 cigarettes which he placed in a bag.

Davies was wearing a scarf over his face but it slipped off at one point and he was identified from the image.

Defence solicitor Peter Roberson said his client was a drug user and had taken substances before committing this offence. He said his client was showing “genuine remorse”.

The court was told Davies was not currently able to do unpaid work because he was still taking drugs.

Sheriff Keith O’Mahony imposed a structured deferred sentence and Davies will return to court on 20th March.

Davies previously stole £3700 from the bank account of his grandmother, claiming the money was to pay off drugs debts.

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