Woman tells court she was eight months pregnant when raped


A woman today told a court she was raped when she was eight months pregnant.

The same woman gave evidence last week that she was raped as she lay in bed with her baby girl and the child was also in the bed during this alleged rape.

The witness admitted making false allegations about threatening text messages from Neil Ireland.

Ireland (39), of Methil, is on trial at the High Court in Dunfermline accused of sex offences committed in various parts of Fife between 2008 and last year.

The woman claims to have been raped six times by Ireland in Cupar, Methil, Leven and Dysart.

She has told the court that she has two children to Ireland, each the result of rape.

She told the court that she was eight months pregnant in late December 2015 when she was raped again by Ireland.

She had gone to bed with her daughter and was sleeping when Ireland came into her bed.

“I was lying on my side cuddling into my daughter. He came into the bed and took off my pyjama bottoms. I told him to leave me alone.”

“Did you try to resist him?” asked advocate depute Keith O’Mahony.

She answered that she was heavily pregnant at the time and her son was born the following month.

“He turned me over on to my back. He straddled over the top of me and raped me,” she told the court.

Later in her evidence, the woman admitted sending threatening text messages to herself, which appeared to be sent by Ireland and reported him to the police.

She said she had heard he had been released from custody and she was “worried and scared about what he would do”.

She added, “I was also taking drink and illegal drugs at that time as I couldn’t cope with it all.”

Another woman later gave evidence about being raped by Ireland as she slept. She said she had gone to bed and Ireland followed her into the bedroom.

She asked him to leave, which he did. However, she was later woken up by him. Her shorts and had been removed, there was “wetness on the inside of my leg” she said and Ireland was getting out of her bed.

“What had happened to you?” asked the advocate depute.

“I was raped,” she answered.

It is alleged that Ireland sexually assaulted five women, including ten offences of rape.

Ireland denies ten charges that:

On 30th January 2008 at an address in Cupar he indecently assaulted a woman.

On various occasions between 1st January and 30th June at a different address in Cupar he assaulted another woman and raped her on three occasions.

On an occasion between 11th January and 31st January 2012 in Tayport he sexually assaulted a third woman, who was pregnant, while she was asleep,

On various occasions between 11th April and 1st May 2013 in Cupar he assaulted a fourth woman and raped her three times.

On various occasions between the same dates he assaulted the same woman, detained her in a flat against her will, punched and slapped her face, back and legs, seized hold of her arms, seized hold of her neck, pinning her against a wall, all to her injury.

On various occasions between 2nd July and 22nd December 2015 at addresses in Methil, Leven and Dysart, he assaulted the same woman and raped her on three occasions.

It is alleged that the woman was in bed with her baby daughter on two of these occasions.

It is further alleged that Ireland sexually assaulted a fifth woman in Methil on various occasions between 1st April and 31st December 2015.

On an occasion between 1st November and 30th November 2015 at his home in Methil he raped the same woman while she was asleep.

On 5th December 2015 at his home he sexually assaulted the same woman.

The final charge is that on 16th August last year he assaulted a woman in Methil by slapping her on the buttocks and face.

The trial before Lord Uist continues.

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