Unpaid work “too boring” says offender who attacked police


A Dunfermline man stopped going to his unpaid work after one just session because it was “too boring”, a court has heard.

Dean Steward, who assaulted his partner and then kicked two police officers, was initially warned he could be facing a custodial sentence when he admitted the offences.

Instead, Steward had a community payback order imposed with 100 hours of work.

However, when he returned to court Steward (29), of Kennedy Crescent, had only completed four hours of his unpaid work.

Sheriff Derek Reekie asked Steward, “You’ve only gone for four hours because it was too boring?”

Steward, representing himself in court, complained to the sheriff that there was nothing for him to at the furniture firm he was sent to and he had spent “four hours sitting about doing nothing”.

Sheriff Reekie revoked the order and in its place fined Steward £1200.

Steward had previously admitted that on 10th December at his home he assaulted his partner by pushing her on the body.

He also admitted that at Dunfermline police station he assaulted a police officer by kicking him on the body.

Steward further admitted assaulting female constable at the police station by kicking her on the body.

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