Teenager with no driving licence took 60-ton truck on joy-ride



A Fife teenager, who has never held a driving licence, went on a joy-ride in his dad’s 60-ton lorry.

Homeless Reiss Wilson (19) had been allowed to sleep in his dad’s HGV and decided to take it for a spin in Cowdenbeath with his drunk friends inside.

During the late night journey, the Scania truck was damaged and Wilson brought it back with smashed lights and minus a number plate.

Depute fiscal Alex Kirk said, “The accused had been sleeping in his dad’s lorry at the time as he was of no fixed abode.

“He was seen to drive off in the lorry and when it returned it was damaged. The rear number plate was missing and there was damage to lights.

“He had been seen by a person in another lorry who contacted the police. Officers traced the vehicle and found the accused in the driver’s seat.

“He denied that he had been driving but the friends who had been with him were spoken to and they all confirmed that he had been driving.”

When cautioned and charged, Wilson said, “I’ve been stupid.”

Defence solicitor Ian Beatson said, “At the time he was homeless and his dad was letting him sleep in his lorry.

“Other individuals had come and visited him in the lorry. They had been consuming alcohol, he had not. They became boisterous and encouraged him to drive the vehicle.

“He accepts he should have shown much more sense and he’s not proud of what he’s done.”

Wilson previously admitted that on 26th February in Broad Street, Cowdenbeath, he drove a lorry while disqualified.

He also admitted driving without insurance.

The court heard it was the third time Wilson had been caught driving while disqualified.

He had been given early release from a previous custodial sentence when he committed his latest offence.

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Wilson, “You have two previous convictions for driving while disqualified and you were still serving the second half of a custodial sentence, which does not expire until 4th June.

“You’ve never had a driving licence, you’ve never sat a driving test. The idea of somebody, who has never passed a driving test, driving a 60-ton lorry is quite horrific.”

He imposed a 10-month custodial sentence and banned Wilson from driving for 55 months.









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