Some Fife pupils could lose free school transport


Some Fife pupils could have their free school transport removed next year.

A Fife Council consultation is currently underway looking again at the issue of walking routes to schools and some pupils will no longer be entitled to free transport from next August.

The council says, “The consequence of applying the policy to existing school transport provision to pupils who do not meet the distance criteria but in respect of whom there has been a previous decision that there is no available walk route will be that some pupils will no longer be entitled to free school transport.

“The proposed date of application of the policy to existing transport provision is August 2019.”

According to the council, “The aim of the policy is to ensure that robust and clear criteria is applied to the assessment of school walking routes throughout Fife and therefore, for all pupils, on a transparent and equitable basis.”

The consultation period ends on Friday 14th December.

As part of the process meetings are being held at schools.

The remaining meeting will be taking place at the following schools:

  • Dunfermline High School from 5.30-6.30 pm on Tuesday 4th December
  • Lawhead Primary School (St Andrews) from 3.30-4.30 pm on Monday 10th December
  • Newport Primary School (Newport) from 3.30-4.30 pm on Wednesday 12th December

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