Sex offender exposed himself walking through Fife Tesco store


A convicted sex offender walked around a Fife supermarket with his penis hanging out of his shorts.

Dean Stevens, previously convicted of rape, wandered around the aisles of a Tesco store exposing himself to shocked staff.

Stevens (38), of Berrylaw Place, Dunfermline, was found guilty of two charges following a trial.

He was convicted of intentionally exposing his genitals in a sexual manner to four members of staff with the intention that they would see him by being in the Tesco store, Queensferry Road, Rosyth, with his lower clothing open and his penis exposed on 28th June.

He was also found guilty of stealing a packet of condoms from the store.

Stevens was found guilty after a trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Store worker Andrew Aitken (23) told the court he was stacking shelves with colleagues when he spotted Stevens at around 8.15pm.

“I was kneeling down and looked to my left. I saw him standing there with his penis out. He was wearing blue shorts and his penis was resting on his flies which were open as if it had been placed there,” said the witness.

Mr Aitken told his three colleagues and they then also saw Stevens. “At first I thought it was funny but after thinking about it later I realised it was more serious,” he added.

Asked if it could have been an accident and that Stevens did not realise it was out, Mr Aitken said, “It can be breezy in there. I’m a guy and I would have known if my penis was out. I can’t speak for him.”

Another worker Alice Brown (20) said, “There was a guy who had his penis out of his trousers when I was in an aisle tidying the shelves.”

She added, “I was really shocked. Parents bring their kids in there and it’s not something people should see.

“It’s a private thing that shouldn’t be on display in a public place.”

Melissa Laird (29), duty manager, said she had followed Stevens through the store after the initial incident had been pointed out by Andrew Aitken.

She said that his penis was still exposed when he was at the self-scan check-out some minutes later.

Megan Stewart-Pollock (21) also saw Stevens exposing himself. “I thought it was horrible,” she commented when asked how she felt about the incident.

Another worker Dino Mancini (19) said he did not believe what he was being told by a colleague and went to investigate for himself.

“The flies on his shorts were undone. His penis was within his trousers but was clearly visible,” said Mr Mancini.

Stevens, who is unemployed, told the court his version of events claiming he did not realise his penis was exposed until he left the store.

He said he had taken drugs and added, “I was out my head. I was flying. I was as high as a kite.”

He went on, “I was wearing Bermuda shorts. They were hand-me-downs and too large for me.”

He said he was “ashamed” about the workers seeing his penis. “They’re good working people and it’s a shame it had to come to that.”

CCTV was shown of Stevens during part of his time in the store and it captured him taking a packet of condoms from the top shelf and putting it in his pocket.

Having found Stevens guilty of two of the five charges he faced, Sheriff Craig McSherry called for reports. He granted bail and Stevens, who is already on the sex offenders register, will be sentenced on 6th November.

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