New restaurant Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s opens in Dunfermline


A new restaurant Jack ‘O’ Bryan’s has opened its doors in Dunfermline’s Chalmers Street, next to The Glen Gates.

It is the latest venture from proprietors Bryan and Michelle Coghill, who previously owned and ran the Black Pig and Oyster restaurant in Edinburgh.

The couple are supported by their family Yasmine, Sarah and Jack.

Bryan will be head chef and Jack (pictured below) is the pastry chef, whilst Michelle, Sarah and Yasmine will head the front of house team.

Ahead of today’s launch, Bryan said, “We’re ecstatic to be opening the doors to Jack ‘O’ Bryans.

“We’ve worked really hard on creating unique menus, doing the new place up and generally getting everything sorted for a great opening night. We can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and start cooking again!”

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