Mugger released by court offends again days later


A thug, who stole a woman’s phone in a Dunfermline street, has been jailed after being caught shoplifting days after being released on bail. 

Earlier this month a sheriff admitted he had concerns about the risks posed to the public by releasing Jamie Muir but did so just the same. 

Those concerns proved justified when heroin addict Muir stole from a shop when he was supposed to be at home on a curfew. 

Muir (25) admitted that on 17th November at McColls, Allan Crescent, while acting with another, he stole a quantity of foodstuffs while on bail. 

He also admitted that he breached a 7am-7pm home curfew by being at the shop at 9.23pm. 

A warrant was granted at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for his co-accused Ross Keir (29), of Alexander Road, Glenrothes. 

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said, “At around 9.30pm the accused was seen in the shop. He walked past an employee with a bottle of Lucozade but both of his pockets were bulging. 

“He was asked if he taken anything he hadn’t paid for. He gave back two chocolate bars but refused to give back anything else. 

“He was with another person and they ran off. Police were called and the accused was later detained.” 

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said, “He admits he had been drinking. He’d gone to the shop for some items but stole them. 

“He was also outside his designated property, his mother’s address, during his curfew period.” 

Sheriff Charles MacNair jailed Muir, of Keir Hardie Terrace, Dunfermline, for four months.  

Muir was in the same court earlier this month where he admitted stealing a woman’s phone as she walked along the street with a female friend. 

The victim chased after the thief as he ran off and police later found the phone in his room at a homeless hostel. 

Muir admitted that on 10th October on the footpath at Comely Park, Dunfermline, he stole a mobile phone from a woman. 

When interviewed by police Muir told them, “I was ‘vallied’ out my nut”. 

Sheriff Derek Reekie said then he was “concerned about the risks to the public” if he released Muir but despite this he granted bail.

Muir will be sentenced for that offence on 6th December.

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