More apologies as Mossmorran flaring continues

The operators of the Mossmorran chemical plant say they expect flaring to continue for at least another two days.

The flare began burning on Saturday after a pump failure.

In its latest update, ExxonMobil said work was continuing “around the clock” to restore normal operations as soon as possible, while minimising disturbance to local communities.

Local people have  again complained of increased noise and vibrations. The regulator Sepa (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) already issued a final warning to the company because of a similar incident last year.



Seven fire engines were at the site near Cowdenbeath as a precaution for three hours on Saturday night.

Sonia Bingham, ExxonMobil Chemical Limited FEP plant manager, claimed “good progress” was being made.

She went on, “We are working closely with Sepa  as we resolve the issue. We apologise to local communities for any disturbance and are in contact with local agencies and community groups to ensure local residents are kept informed.”

James Glen, chairman of the Mossmorran Action Group, said, “Easy apologies from ExxonMobil bring no comfort to residents suffering the fear and stress created by yet another emergency flaring period when the operators are under a final warning and are still under investigation for two other emergencies in the last year.”




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