Jail for drunken lout who threatened Asda staff and customers


A Fife man, who caused drunken disturbances at a supermarket twice in the same night, has been jailed. 

People doing their shopping were challenged to fight by an intoxicated and obnoxious William McLeod, who was also abusive to staff. 

He shouted bigoted and racial abuse before being arrested then told police officers he would burn down their homes. 

McLeod, 42, of Whirlbut Crescent, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He admitted that on 11th October at Asda, St Leonards Street, behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, acted in an aggressive manner, shouted, swore, challenged people to fight, uttered sectarian and offensive remarks. 

He also admitted making threats of violence to police officers, then in the process of lawfully detaining him, threatened to follow them home, threatened to burn them and petrol bomb their houses. 

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf, told the court that at around 7.30pm McLeod went to the Asda store when he was already drunk trying to buy more alcohol. 

He was refused service and a female manager went to speak to him. “He was acting erratically, ranting about the devil and other random topics,” said the depute. 

“He became aggressive and got into the face of the manager. He said he wouldn’t be responsible for what he did next and it would be the devil.” 

He then began shouting at other customers asking them to buy him alcohol before leaving the store. 

Staff were concerned that he may return and contacted the police. 

McLeod did return at 8.50pm and again asked for alcohol but indicated he had no money. 

“He challenged passing customers to fight. Some customers asked him to stop shouting and swearing at staff. Two young children were upset and crying after witnessing the actions of the accused. 

“He was wearing a blue Rangers football top. He took hold of the badge and started to shout.” 

McLeod, who has a background of mental health problems, was ranting abuse about the Pope, the IRA, Jews, Pakistanis and declared “I’m a true Protestant”. 

He also claimed that Walmart was “poisoning the world”. 

When arrested, McLeod started threatening police officers. He shouted, “Do you know who I am? I’ll find out where you stay, smash your door down and burn you. I’ll petrol bomb your house.” 

Defence solicitor James Moncrieff said, “He accepts this was appalling behaviour and that it would have been frightening for people in the store. He has very little recollection of it.” 

The solicitor outlined his client’s mental health difficulties including schizophrenia. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair said, “These were two distinct episodes of public disorder within Asda directed against staff and customers. They included making sectarian remarks of a grossly offensive manner. 

“You then said to police officers you would petrol bomb their houses and you have a previous conviction for wilful fire-raising.” 

He jailed McLeod for four months.


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