Intruders choked Fife man unconscious with cable in his home


A Fife man was violently attacked in his home by two assailants and lost consciousness after being choked by a wire pulled around his neck. 

One of the intruders screamed, “I want him dead” as he kicked the victim. 

Francis Jarrett (45), formerly of Broad Street, Cowdenbeath, and now a prisoner at Perth, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for his part in the vicious attack on a neighbour and was jailed for three years. 

He admitted that on 16th July at Broad Street, Cowdenbeath, whilst acting with another, he assaulted a man, wrapped a ligature around his neck and compressed his neck with it, causing him to lose consciousness. 

He then repeatedly kicked him on the body, all to his severe injury and danger of his life. 

Jarrett also admitted breaching bail conditions by entering Broad Street on 23rd July. 

Depute fiscal Cheryl Clark said that Jarrett and an accomplice had entered the victim’s home when he was watching TV. 

Jarrett told the victim, “You’re dead”. A wire was pulled out of a stereo unit and then wrapped it around the neck of the victim, who fell unconscious. 

Despite this the attack continued and Jarrett was shouting, “I want to kill the b******. I want him dead,” as he kicked the man. 

A friend of the victim found him lying on the floor, barely conscious and struggling to speak. 

The man later went to the home of a friend and said, “Jarrett just jumped me. He got in through a window.” He was found to have 34 separate injuries including bruises and cuts. 

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett admitted his client had “a fairly lengthy record” but had suffered health problems in recent years including a stroke. 

He said that a dispute over a debt was the reason behind this offence. 

Sheriff Craig McSherry jailed Jarrett for 36 months backdated to 24th July when he was taken into custody.

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