Heroin dealers caught following Fife death tragedy


A Fife man has been jailed for three years after being convicted of drug dealing for the fifth time. 

The offences came to light after a woman died from a suspected drugs overdose in Kelty. 

When Mark Stewart, partner of the deceased woman, and John Hodge, were taken to Dunfermline police station they were both found to be in possession of bags of heroin. 

Hodge (47), of South Street, Cowdenbeath, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court alongside Mark Stewart (52), of Blair Street, Kelty. 

They admitted that on 6th May last year at Dunfermline police station, they were concerned in the supplying of diamorphine. 

Depute fiscal Sarah Lumsden said the incident began when police responded to a call about a woman’s death from an overdose at a property in Blair Street. 

As part of the investigation, the property was sealed off and both Hodge and Stewart were taken to Dunfermline police station to help with inquiries. 

Officers became concerned about the drowsy condition of both men and an ambulance was called. 

Hodge was found to have a 26g bag of heroin with a street value of £1050 to £1800. 

Stewart was then seen with a bulge under his jumper which turned out to be an 18.76g bag of heroin with a street value of £700 to £1870. 

The two were taken to the Victoria Hospital and then into police custody. 

When interviewed, Stewart said his girlfriend, who was the overdose victim, had been a drug addict but that he just “dabbled”. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair called for reports on Stewart and bail was continued until sentencing on 24th January. 

However, he decided he did not require a report on Hodge. The sheriff told him, “You have a very bad record. It includes four previous convictions for being concerned in the supply of drugs.” 

This record included being jailed for seven years at the High Court in 2004, the sheriff added. 

For this latest offence, the sheriff jailed him for three years.


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3 Responses

  1. Danny lowe says:

    3 years, for a life? Fucking joke!

  2. Wanda Kostka says:

    So 4 convictions previously including high court for selling heroin ! Yet 3 years for taking part of supplying again leading to a death! It’s insulting for the family’s who have to see such a short sentence

  3. Linda says:

    3 years for supplying thr drug that killed some1s daughter, sister, mother, gran and auntie, cousin aswell as a friend RIP and he gets just 3 years yet he has been jailed for 7 years before for drugs and never learnt his lesson then the system is a joke

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