Four months for paedo who moved to Fife then re-offended



A paedophile, who moved to Fife just weeks after being sentenced in England for downloading almost 4000 indecent images of children, has been jailed.

Twisted Tadeusz Checinski (45) committed the original offences when he was living in Carlisle.  

He was given an eight-month jail term but this sentence was suspended and he then quickly moved to Lochgelly. 

Soon after arriving in Fife, Checinski, a Polish national who cannot speak English, breached a Sexual Harm Prevention Order aimed at protecting young people.

Special monitoring software had to be installed on his computer to make sure he was not continuing to view indecent images but he completely ignored this. 

He lied to police and social workers, saying he was not going on-line but checks proved he was. 

He was told repeatedly that he could not use the internet until he had the special software installed as part of monitoring his activities. 

Previously at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Checinski, of High Street, Lochgelly, admitted that on 8th September he breached the conditions of the court order by having internet cleaning software and by using internet enable devices. 

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said, “He repeatedly asked police when he could use the internet. He seemed to have some form of obsession with the internet.” 

Defence solicitor Peter Robertson asked the sheriff not to impose a jail sentence. He said there had been adverse repercussions for his client since his last court appearance because the case was covered in the press and social media. These included accommodation problems, losing his job and he was now “feeling lonely”.

“As for him being obsessed, what he was anxious about was that there was no plan put in place about when the monitoring software was to be put on the computer and he was inquiring about the delay,” he added. 

Sheriff Richard McFarlane said, “So he certainly knew it had to be installed before he could use the internet.” 

He jailed Checinski for four months. The English court which imposed the suspended sentence will be notified of his latest offending. 

On 3rd July he had the Sexual Harm Prevention Order imposed at the Carlisle Magistrates Court. He was also jailed given a suspended jail sentence. 

Police had raided his Carlisle home in September last year. His laptop was seized and it was found that he had downloaded almost 4000 illegal images of children. 

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6 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Why do we keep getting these people sent to Lochgelly Aswell as drugies our people are fed up off it

  2. Henry says:

    He breach his terms, give him a one way ticket back home where they can deal with him. Four months is nothing. We don’t what people like this in our community. What are we meant to do to protect our kids. Keep them lock up 24/7 with all windows blank out. This is a complete joke. It’s us that is being sentence, not him.

    • Lindsay says:

      Totally agree with u… foreigners offend here like that send them home with a bam from returning… dirty disgusting twat we all suffer for them all.coming here offending taking jobs and homes strangers and forgeiners in our own towns..!!!

  3. Jim Hughs says:

    The electric chair would be a good solution for this pervert or a bag of cement tied to his back and over the Queensferry crossing.

  4. Irene Penman says:

    Four months. The laws an ass. He would have got years if he robbed a bank

  5. Wanda says:

    How long will fife allow this !! The people of Lochgelly & fife altogether MUST stand up and shout !! We do not accept people being released from prison and let loose on to our streets . We need to email MSPS and tell them too do something

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