Fife pensioner loses five-figure sum in phone scam


A Fife pensioner has been conned out of five-figure sum of money in a telephone scam.

On Tuesday, a 69-year-old Leven man reported to police that he had received a call from a person claiming to be from his bank.

He was advised by the caller that his bank account had been compromised and he was required to transfer the contents to a safe account.

The victim did as was requested and transferred a five figure sum to the account number provided. The call was then terminated.

Sergeant Craig Fyall, from Levenmouth Police Station, said, “Perpetrators of these types of scams are highly manipulative and very convincing, often having basic details about your banking and accounts and will attempt to take advantage of people’s fears and vulnerabilities.

“If you receive such a call, take details and hang up – then call your bank from another phone, using a number from the phone book or official documents you hold. They will be able to give you advice and confirm that your accounts are secure.

“These people often target the elderly and vulnerable so please advise any friends, neighbours or relatives to be wary of these types of calls.”

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