Fife bank workers guilty of “lost cards” fraud



Three bank employees were involved in a scam claiming their own cards had been lost and money was stolen from their accounts.

The three women, who worked at the Lloyds Bank of Scotland card centre in Dunfermline, made the bogus claims in order to each receive £1000 compensation.

However, when the fraud was uncovered they lost their jobs and have now ended up at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Appearing in the dock together were Karla Ewing (30), of Dunfermline, Kate Milne (21) and Laura Kevan (22), both of Rosyth.

They admitted that at Lloyds Banking Group, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline, while acting together, they formed a fraudulent scheme and while employees there they pretended that they had been victims of fraud, that their bank cards had been used without their authority, the truth being they had been responsible for the transactions and they induced officers of the bank to apply funds to their accounts in compensation.

Ewing committed her offence between 19th and 21st May last year. The other two admitted committed their offences between 20th and 21st April last year.

Sheriff Linda Smith called for reports and sentencing will take place on 7th November.

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