Dunfermline rapist jailed for vile attacks on three women



A Dunfermline sex attacker has been sentenced to eight years in jail for violent attacks on three former partners. 

Mark Wallace (38) raped two of the women and indecently assaulted the third during a 16-year campaign of vile abuse. 

The offences took place in various locations including Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy between 1999 and 2015. 

He was sentenced today after being convicted of rape, assault and indecent assault following a trial at the High Court in Livingston. 

The victims often suffered at his hands when he was drunk as he battered them and called them “fat cows” and “slags”.

He brazenly told one his attack could not be rape – as he was her lover.

The judge Lord Burns said it was clear Wallace had “controlled and demoralised” the traumatised women during the “unrelenting” abuse. 

“They show quite clearly the devastating effect your behaviour has had and the effect that will be felt for the rest of their lives.” 

Wallace, of Urquhart Crescent, will be supervised for five years on his release and he has been placed on the sex offenders’ register for life. 

Wallace became the subject of a major investigation by Fife’s Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit after his victim’s came forward to report the crimes.

As a result of these inquiries, Wallace was subsequently arrested and charged in March 2017.

Detective Inspector Hannah Morrison from Fife’s DAIU said, “Over the course of 16 years, Mark Wallace subjected these women to prolonged periods of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. He has demonstrated himself to be a callous and predatory individual with no remorse for the impact his crimes have had on his victims.

“I would like to commend the outstanding bravery of these women in coming forward to report these crimes , which has been vital in securing these convictions. Wallace will now serve a significant custodial sentence and will thereafter be subject to monitoring and supervision so that he cannot inflict harm on any further victims.”


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