Dog chain killer’s ‘death’ video: charges dropped


Killer David Kinloch and others have had charges against them dropped after they made a video mocking the death of Sonya Todd.

Kinloch (35) thought it would be funny to post a video re-enacting the night he killed his then girlfriend in Methil, battering her with a dog chain during a five-hour ordeal.

The sickening incident caused further distress to the family of Sonya (pictured above).

Kinloch, current Amanda Britt and another person appeared in court following the video being posted on-line on the tenth anniversary of Sonya’s death.

*Amanda Britt with killer David Kinloch. They thought it would be funny to make a video re-enacting Sonya’s death.


Members of Sonya’s family were at the court in Dunfermline that day.

However, it’s now been confirmed that the prosecution is not going ahead.

The Crown Office said no further proceedings were going ahead but that this could change if further evidence comes to light.

Kinloch managed to avoid a murder charge for killing Sonya, pleading guilty to culpable homicide in 2008 and getting soft sentence.

The couple then complained they were not made welcome when they were given a house in Dunfermline’s Craigmyle Street, claiming it was “victimisation”.

On Wednesday, Kinloch was found guilty after chasing a neighbour with a knife.

Amanda Britt is also in custody facing a charge of contempt of court for her antics in the witness box. She will appear in court on Monday.



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    Where is the bloody justice for poor sonia and her family the systems a bloody joke how dare u give him the right to do what he done DISGUSTING

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