Disabled Fife man robbed in his own home


A disabled man was robbed by a drug addict who had gone to his Dunfermline home to “visit” him. 

However, Diane Robertson’s real purpose was to see if there was any money she could steal from the victim, whose disability means he struggles to speak. 

The vulnerable man had £40 in cash and his bus pass stolen by Robertson, who also has disabilities. She turned up at his home late at night and left shortly afterwards after finding his wallet.

At Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Robertson (37), of Melville Street, Lochgelly, admitted that on 13th December at an address in Clay Acres Court, Dunfermline, she stole a wallet and its contents. 

Depute fiscal Jade Doig said, “The accused and her partner attended the house at around 11pm. The complainer had met them previously and he allowed them in. 

“After about ten minutes the complainer went to the toilet. When he returned, they said that they had to leave. 

“After they left, he noticed a bag was lying open and his wallet was no longer there. He contacted his daughter who called the police on his behalf. 

“The complainer is 60, is disabled, struggles with speech and has a carer.” 

When Robertson was cautioned and charged, she responded that she had been given the money and had not taken his bus pass.  

Defence solicitor Ian Beatson admitted his client had “something of a record”. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair interrupted, saying, “She has a dreadful record, including lots of thefts.” 

Mr Beatson pointed out that his client had “numerous ailments” of her own. “She had a heroin problem and at this time it was no longer controllable,” he went on. 

“She had gone there to ask for money but she then took the opportunity to steal it. She very much regrets it.” 

Sheriff MacNair told Robertson her behaviour had been “quite outrageous”. 

He added, “You went into the house of a vulnerable man who has a care worker and disabilities. 

“Under the pretext of going to say hello, as soon as he went to the lavatory you stole his money and then left. Taking advantage of the complainer in this manner was a dreadful thing to do.” 

He jailed Robertson for 110 days.

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