Card skimming device found on Fife cash machine

A card-skimming device has been found attached to a cash machine in St Andrews.

A member of the public contacted the police after discovering the device on an ATM in Market Street last Wednesday.

Inquiries have been continuing to identify those responsible and anyone with information is asked to come forward.

Sergeant Neil Johnston from St Andrews Police Station said, ”If you suspect an ATM has been interfered with, do not use it. If the cash machine is attached to a bank and the bank is open, then alert the staff who will check the machine, if not you should report your suspicions to the police via 101.

“As a matter of routine you should always conceal your hand when entering your PIN number to prevent anybody seeing or recording your number.

“If you believe you may have used this ATM over prior to Wednesday then check your bank account immediately and report any suspicious transactions you notice to police immediately.”

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