Broke leg jumping from window when police arrived


A Fife man, who breached bail conditions just hours after they were imposed, jumped out of an upstairs window in a bid to escape from police and broke his leg in several places. 

John Leddie, who spent weeks six weeks in hospital after sustaining multiple fractures in the fall, has now been fined over the incident. 

He had been released from custody on condition that he stayed away from his partner’s home after an alleged offence there. 

However, he completely ignored the court order and within hours officers found him in her house. 

Leddie (46), of Denfield Avenue, Cardenden, required to use crutches to get into the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He admitted that having been granted bail there on 2nd January with a condition not to enter Denfield Avenue, he failed to comply and breached that condition the same day. 

Depute fiscal Claire Kennedy said that Leddie had been found in the house at 5.25pm. 

“The officers had gone there to explain the bail conditions to his partner and the accused was there when they went in,” she added. 

Defence solicitor Jonathon Mathieson-Dear said, “He accepts it was extremely foolish having been given the trust of the court. 

“The complainer in the substantial case was his partner and he did feel a certain amount of grievance that he’d been arrested in the first place. 

“There was a feeling in his mind that he’d not done anything wrong. 

“When police came to the house he then foolishly tried to leave via an upstairs window and broke his leg in several places, spending six weeks in hospital as a result. 

“It’s been a very harsh lesson for him but he appreciates it was highly disrespectful to the court, having been given bail, to go there immediately afterwards.” 

Sheriff Derek Reekie said, “You knew perfectly well you shouldn’t have been there and that’s why you went out of the window. You were aware of what was required of you and you ignored it.” He fined Leddie £200.


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