Bogus workmen steal four-figure sum from Rosyth home


Police are investigating two incidents of bogus workmen targeting residents in Rosyth.

In the first incident at 1pm at Walter Hay Court last Wednesday, the crooks told householders they were council workers there to do work on the gutters.

In the second case in Harley Street at around noon on Saturday they told the resident the roof needed work done.

A three-figure sum of cash was handed over to the men and a four-figure sum was stolen from inside the house in this incident.

The men at Walter Hay Court are described as wearing light grey jogging trousers and dark hooded tops and in the second incident they are described as being scruffy and wearing overalls.

Officers are now appealing for any witnesses to get in contact.

Community Inspector Ian Stephen, from Dalgety Bay police station, said, “Both incidents involved bogus workers attending at peoples’ homes with the sole intention of obtaining or  stealing money.

“I would urge people to be very cautious when cold callers turn up at their home, claiming that maintenance work needs to be done.

“Please always ask for identification, both for the individual and the company they say they represent. Genuine callers will have no objection to providing this.”


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