Banned driver jailed after high-speed police chase


 A banned driver became involved a high-speed car chase with police through Dunfermline and Townhill. 

A police driver and a female motorist had to take evasive action to avoid collisions. 

Christopher McMahon (33), of Garden Place, Townhill, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and admitted two offences of driving while disqualified, one dating back to last year. 

The latest incident took place on streets through Dunfermline and Townhill at tea-time on Sunday. 

McMahon admitted that on 19th August in Main Street, Townhill, he drove while disqualified. 

He also admitted that in Halbeath Road, Whitefield Road, Kingseat Road, Chamberfield Road, Kent Street and Garden Court, he drove a car dangerously at grossly excessive speeds. 

He failed to comply with road markings, repeatedly travelled on to the opposite carriageway when it was not safe to do so, overtook queueing traffic when it was not safe to do so, caused a female driver to take evasive caution to avoid a collision and caused a police driver to take evasive action to avoid a collision. He was also in possession of diamorphine. 

Depute fiscal Mina Poppius said that at 5.50pm McMahon was spotted by police officers on patrol. When they activated their sirens and blue lights McMahon accelerated away. 

He was swerving into the opposing carriageway and this included when he negotiated a blind bend. 

McMahon also shot past a female driver who had stopped and was about to turn right. 

“She was alarmed and his car was so close that her vehicle shook,” added the depute. 

Officers called for further assistance and then a police car had to brake sharply to avoid a collision. 

When McMahon continued to accelerate into Main Street, the police decided not to try to keep up with him but continued to follow. 

He then took a blind left hand bend on the wrong side of the road. The police were given information by an onlooker about where McMahon had gone. 

They found his car parked outside a house but with no-one inside. They then saw “a male’s head popping out from a nearby house” and it turned out to be McMahon. 

Defence solicitor Ian Beatson said his client has been a long-term heroin user. The reason for the latest offending was “he was intending to visit someone, was running late and foolishly drove the car.” 

McMahon also admitted that on 17th January last year in Gellatly Road, Dunfermline, he drove while disqualified and without insurance. 

McMahon failed to turn up for a court appearance relating to this offence in June last year and a warrant was granted. 

The depute said at 1.40pm police were on routine patrol when they saw McMahon driving. They lost sight of the vehicle for a time and the officers later found the car parked at the roadside with the driver missing. He was traced later. 

Sheriff Simon Collins jailed McMahon for 18 months and banned him from driving for ten years.


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