Ban for motorist who hit 130mph on A92


A motorist was followed by police as he drove at speeds of 130mph on the A92 in Fife, a court has heard.

When stopped, John McCallum Robinson told police he was tired and wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

Robinson (28), of Park Grove Crescent, Edinburgh, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He denied on 10th February last year on the A92 between the Cardenbarns overbridge and Lochgelly overbridge, he drove dangerously, accelerated quickly at excessive speed for the road and road conditions and repeatedly overtook vehicles when it was not safe to do so.

However, he was found guilty by Sheriff Charles MacNair and banned from driving.

PC Charles Guthrie (50) was passenger in the police car which spotted Robinson speeding as he drove west in a BMW on at around 10.30pm.

He said his attention was attracted because the car was travelling “well in excess of the 70mph limit”.

Driver PC Craig Hall followed the BMW and speeded up so that his vehicle was travelling at the same speed, which initially was 95mph.

However, then Robinson accelerated and PC Hall did the same so that the distance between the cars was constant for a period of just under two miles. During this time, both cars were travelling at 130mph, said both officers.

Robinson then slowed down to around 70mph and the police blue lights were activated.

He pulled over to a lay-by. PC Hall said Robinson said he had been to the gym, was tired and “wanted to get home as soon as possible”.

Robinson did not give evidence. Sheriff MacNair found him guilty of dangerous driving and called for reports. An interim driving ban was imposed with immediate effect and Robinson will be sentenced on 9th May.

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