Asda shoplifter being deported to Romania


A Romanian shoplifter, who targeted two Fife supermarkets on the same day, is being deported. 

Cristi Stoican travelled from Glasgow and helped himself to booze worth almost £250 from two Asda stores. 

He appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court after being locked up for other crimes less than a year after coming to Scotland. 

Stoican (41), formerly of Royston Road, Glasgow and now in Perth prison, admitted that on 9th November at Asda, Fulmar Way, Hillend, he stole a quantity of alcohol. 

The court was told the value of the alcohol was £98.97 and there was no recovery. 

Defence solicitor Gwenn Haggerty said, “He is to be deported on 20th May. Immigration officials will be picking him up from Perth prison on the 16th and the flight has been booked for the 20th.” 

Given his current status, Sheriff Derek Reekie imposed a token two-week jail sentence for this latest offence. 

In March, Stoican was in court and fined for a similar theft at another Asda store on the same day. 

Stoican and a female companion travelled to Dunfermline from their home in Glasgow and stole £148 worth of vodka and whisky from a supermarket. 

Sheriff Reekie was unimpressed by their claims that the thefts were not planned. 

In the dock that day were Stoican, and Marina Trachi (28). They admitted that on 9th November at Asda, St Leonards Street, Dunfermline they stole a quantity of alcohol. 

They also both admitted to failing to appear for a previous court hearing in Dunfermline. 

The court was told the pair stole six bottles of alcohol with a value of £148 and there was no recovery. 

On that occasion, defence solicitor Sarah Meehan told the court Stoican had lived in Scotland for eight months. 

She said, “This offence was entirely opportunistic. He and his co-accused and travelled to this area to visit friends. They went into the supermarket and remembered they were having friends coming to their home that night. 

“Foolishly they then took the chance to remove the bottles of alcohol.” 

Sheriff Derek Reekie said at the time, “I’m not impressed by the explanation that this was an opportunistic action. 

“You are living in Glasgow and I’m extremely sceptical about your explanation about why you were here.”


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