Jumped out of window as drug-dealer hammered on his door



A frightened Fife man clambered out of a window and hid as a drug dealer hammered on his door. 

The dealer, Alexander Forbes, then saw the window lying open and went in to steal items.

The incident in Kirkcaldy occurred as Forbes’ life “spiralled out of control” because of his own addition. 

He had been caught with more than £5000 worth of heroin in his Burntisland home last October and then just weeks later broke into the flat. 

Forbes, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, already serving 57 months for an assault and a shop robbery. 

The 38-year-old, of Cotburn Crescent, Burntisland, has now been given more jail time. 

He admitted that on 24th October at his home he was concerned in the supply of diamorphine. 

He also admitted that on 3rd December he broke into a flat occupied by Stuart Campbell at Harriet Street, Kirkcaldy and stole a quantity of medication and a bag containing clothing and personal documents. 

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner said that at 11.15am Mr Campbell was sleeping at home when he heard someone banging on the front door. 

He saw Forbes standing outside telling him to open the door but he was so frightened he climbed out of a window and hid behind cars. 

He was “fearful” of Forbes said the depute. 

Mr Campbell then saw Forbes climbing through the window and so he called the police. 

Police arrived and told Forbes to leave but he claimed he was there to pick up his belongings. 

Forbes then climbed back out of the window and was detained by the police. 

On the drug dealing charge, Ms Bremner said police executed a search warrant at Forbes’ home and found 102 grams of diamorphine, with an estimated value of up to £5100. 

The court was told Forbes is currently serving sentences totalling 57 months, consisting of 31 months for an assault and 26 months for robbing a shop. 

Defence solicitor James McMackin said, “He was deeply addicted to heroin and his life was spiralling out of control into total chaos. 

“He was taking more and more risks to pay off his drugs debts. Mr Campbell owed him some money but when he went to his home he didn’t want to pay it.” 

The solicitor said Forbes was asking the sheriff to consider that any new jail term be served concurrently and not consecutively to his existing terms. 

However, Sheriff Charles MacNair pointed out that would mean Forbes was in effect escaping punishment for the house-breaking and drugs dealing. 

Sheriff MacNair jailed Forbes for an additional two years and 11 months to be served consecutively to his current term. 

This means that Forbes’ sentences now total over seven and a half years.

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